Saturday, August 27, 2011

Ted, I'm going mad.

A very unproductive couple of months here. I did get a small storyboarding job which hopefully may lead on to other work, but otherwise nothing stable. Living at home with my parents is slowly starting to soften me and I'm turning slightly stir crazy as evident by my singing. Not that the singing itself is weird, it's what I'm singing. Like replacing the word neighbours with lasers in the theme song for Neighbours, singing the words "lamb of God" over and over to the tune of the Jurassic Park theme music, or my rendition of Under the Sea with lyrics altered to describe an unpleasant sore under the skin on my jawline. My brain has getting schmushy.
Anyway, I have done a few bits. The storyboards for one and a picture I drew of Elaine, my bbffb(gtfo), as bad-ass army bitch Bazookalainey. That one was fun because I got to mess around with Photoshop more and I reckon I shall start to use that as my default image editing software for any more pictures I do. 


It would be nice to start getting back to working with real materials again. I've got a shoebox full of various bits; paints, pastels, watercolour pencils, etc. I really should try and actually use them. 
I'd also love to submit a design to Threadless, the t-shirt website, but I haven't yet come up with a good concept. Could any of the two people who might read this perhaps throw me in some direction of a area or zone that is sometimes inclined to feature an idea? No? :( 
Guess I'll just have to use my own mushy brain. "Unda dah skeen, unda dah skeen, strange inflammation, swelling sensation, under dah skeen!"

Friday, June 10, 2011

Absence of Will

O mein Gott, I haven't been on this in ages. I've been very bad with doing stuff the past two months. And not bad in a cool way, like bad ass or Bad Boys II. Bad as in "those guilt pangs are justified, you are bad at what you do." But on the bright side, anything I do now is bound to be better than what I've been doing before, which was nothing. Better than nothing, yay! Low expectations, yay!

Like I said, I haven't really done much. But that doesn't mean I haven't stuff to show. I did stuff awhile ago, I just forgot to put it up. I worked on concept art for a friend who's making a moo-vie. Only a couple of pictures and some storyboards to help him with visuals and things. Here's some of the stuff I did;

The last one is supposed to be a guy in shock at the news he has just heard with his ears. It's my best attempt at creating expressions of horror in la face so far. It's like a kind of grey, waxy horror.
So anyway, this post is intended to get me all riled up to start drawing again. To get a bit slutty with art. Hopefully it works, for my sake....

....and yours! CROWD GASPS! "ohmygaw....psstpsst....what does it even mean....whisperwhisper...."

Monday, April 4, 2011

Sherlock Bones

Plz rd dis here

Iz vry funni nd ders pix by me lyk dis 1;

Vry gud rd, mmm, nom, nom. Sorry, I was just eating my foot. Why else would I talk like that?

Read my friend Kevin's story! Nom nom nom....

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Moar storyboards!

Finished a bit of work there, yay! I'm doing my (sexy) "getting thing's done" dance.

I got some storyboards to do this week from friends who are in my old film course. They're putting together a pack for a three minute visual script. I felt for them, I was sweating energy drinks and coughing up cigarette butts until six in the morning getting mine done. 
This one I was asked to help out with involves a guy stumbling across an enchanted forest clearing where he is sent to the fairy world. The visuals were very strong and it was a nice piece to work on. 
The storyboards veered slightly more towards concept art,. They were still quite rough and such but involved more colour, which i thought was ok seeing as they needed colour to show to their lecturers. I used Painter 11 (and my trial is soon to expire, weep) and I found it much easier to use then illustrator. You don't get the automatic smooth lines as you do Illustrator, or maybe I just don't know how to do that, but it has loads of options and is tres user-friendly.
Here be some boards, argh.

Obviously that's not the whole story, there's more loyke.

I'm loving that people are asking me to do stuff, it's great to learn and build a portfolio. But it doesn't change the fact that I am STILL unemployed. I'll have to start charging balls of money so I can finally afford that chocolate and ice cream mansion.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Clean and simple

I've decided to employ a minimalist approach to my blog layout for the time being. The dull background and orange font was starting to induce tears. And now I have a quirky little doodley woo as my banner. It's only temporary though, I really wanted to design some sort of extravagant title image with fantastical beasts and delicious colours but I'm not feeling very creative at present. I also don't want to stick with The Crimson Arrow. I'll keep it as the URL but I'd like something fresh for the blog title. It's too bad my imagination has ran off with my drive and motivation. If you see them, tell them to come home. Dinner is getting cold....

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Blaug, Category: Other

My dearest friendest Kevin now writes things on the internet! I made two pictures for him to put up on his new blog that feature his Survival of the Fittest knife throwing T-Rex.

The above has Mr. Hannigan writing a script on his Pineapple Nac-Book (har!). The pineapple is a reference to a dream he had and then told me about. I hope he laughs, then cries, then laughs again. A gay pineapple!? THE BAG HAD VELCRO!!

Originally he was supposed to be writing in a notebook but I changed that. I did forget, however, to take the pencil out of his mouth. Woopsies! That's what happens when you're paid in coupons. 

This one references Kev's unforgettable role as ROOKIE in Interpol (2009) where he is shot by TERRORIST? and dies but comes back as GHOST to watch over the remaining agents of Interpol.

Kevin's blog is The Epicness of Awesomeness.  Read it and suffer with laughter. It's just up and running but the words are very funny and I expect quality content to follow. I mean how can it possibly be bad with a title like that? Over-statement you say? Ridiculous expectations? Surely not!

Friday, February 18, 2011


Just finished designing the title image for sist's blog. Ugggghhhhhhh....
I drew the thing ages ago and thought Cathy will want some input so I showed her the sketch and asked her what she'd like me to do with it. Five hours later it's we got somewhere. Cathy was quite particular about everything. If the design had been detailed we both would've died of frustration. 
"Make that purple more light, but darker." 
"Her face looks like a man." 
"I don't like that K"

Sure it's done and she's happy so I'm happy. Ugggghhhhhhh....
Here it is anyway, I think it's pretty cool.

EDIT: I didn't take five hours to actually DO the thing, just the decision making process. Y'know, colours, font, space, negative space.... I'd say actual work was about 20 minutes.